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Click below to see the results of our testing 
vs. Round-up and 20% Vinegar

See the Results From This Safe and Effective Organic Herbicide:

Weed Slayer: Organic and Sustainable Herbicide

Manufactured by Agro Research International

Weed Slayer a 100% Organic, broad spectrum, non-selective systemic herbicide made from Eugenol, which is an essential oil of cloves, molasses, and water. This natural and unique product can be used to control your grass and weeds with the assistance of Agro Gold WS, a biological amendment. The use of this product will not incur toxicity in the soil, therefore you can replant your crop quickly. Results can usually be seen within a week but may take 10-14 days. 


Weed Slayer and Agro Gold are utilized not only by organic growers, but conventional growers as well. Agro Gold WS is WSDA organic listed. Weed Slayer is organic certified, recognized by CDFA, and FIFRA 25(b) exempt. This exemption means that the manufacturer uses only the active and inert ingredients on a small list of 31 approved ingredients and they follow EPA labeling guidelines.

When using the product, you will be killing not only the part of the weed that you can see, but further, the root ball of the weed. It is not a burn down method, but actually kills the weed from the inside out. 


For more information on these products and how they were created, go to or visit the linked documents below.

Compare to 20% Vinegar

Let's Do the Math:

When comparing Weed Slayer to 20% Vinegar, spraying ready to use Vinegar will cost you around $20 per gallon (price from Amazon). Mixing the concentrated Weed Slayer and AgroGold at the 3% spray mix rate, you will only be paying $3.60 - $3.96 per gallon. Keep in mind that although Vinegar is also an Organic option, it will only burn the weed and not kill it to the roots (see test results)

When comparing Weed Slayer to "premix" Round-up, you will pay around $20 per gallon of spray ready Glyphosate (price from Tractor Supply). Mixing the concentrated Weed Slayer and AgroGold at the 3% spray mix rate you will only be paying $3.60 - $3.96 per gallon. When you mix concentrated Roundup at 3% it will only be around $2.00-2.40 per gallon. Keep in mind Weed Slayer is a safe and completely organic solution that will kill to the roots just like Roundup (see test results)

Compare to Roundup/Glyphosate

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