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ATV Model Products

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*We do not sell direct to customers. Listed above are the products we offer at our recommended MSRP (not including freight and set-up costs).  Please contact your local dealer with our easy to use, "Find a dealer" tab on our menu page. Click on the products above for a detailed description of each individual product that we offer. 

ATV Model Benefits 
Breaking Down The Model

Designed for hay and pasture ground

Avoid Damaging Your Crop

Use Less Chemical

University Tested & Approved


Alternative To Spot Spraying

This model was originally designed to save you labor and chemical costs. This product will come with the plumbing and frame needed to mount your ATV weed wiper. We sell the models without a sprayer and pump because you can use your existing pump and tank for your weed wiper (see GPM chart for each model). Sprayers and pumps are available for purchase above.

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Power Lift & Adjust
on the go options

Our standard ATV units can be adjusted on the go with the additional purchase of our power lift or hitch boom lift. Some applications require the user to adjust on the go and ultimately can be another time saving tool for weed wiper application.