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Customer Testimonies

Find out what People are Saying About Our Product

Alan Hohkamp


Montrose, IA

"We've used Field Mark foam markers on our applicators and have had essentially no labor on them over the last five years.  We had lots of problems with another foamer that we ended up just throwing away.  In comparison, Smucker units are reliable and have worked great for us!"

Jack Appleby

Corn/Soy Bean Grower

Atwood, IL

"We purchased our LandMark foam system from Richland Sales 6 years ago and haven't had a problem yet.  The unit is easy to fill and use.  We like having the capability of adjusting the output on the go."

Dan Splinter

Custom Applicator Farmer's Union Co-Op

Adams, WI

"We have the 30 gallon stainless Field Mark foamer on our two Wilmar Rangers that we use for custom application.  We have found them to be good all around foamers that produce foam which seems to stay a lot longer in the field."

Richard Payne

Ohio Valley Ag Equipment

Owensboro, KY

"Our customers have used the LandMark injection system for over three years and love the convenience and the fact that the foam lasts longer."

Wade Biegler

Grass Seed Grower

Harrisburg, OR

"The ten gallon Smucker's foamer I use with our spray buggy is very efficient.  The foam it produces remains visible in the fields longer and the tank lasts 3-4 hours between fill up"

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