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Wipe Like A Pro

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"Farmers that wipe with a sponge have clean fields."

We like to have fun at Smucker Manufacturing, and while the campaign message is all about giving our customers a good laugh, we really do believe that Sponge Weed Wipers keep your fields clean of weeds.  Scroll through our facebook page to see past posts from satisfied customers. 

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You can also watch videos from the pros on our You Tube PodCast just click below

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Fishing Boat

Contest Details

Enter For A Chance To Win A Fishing Trip To Oregon

Simply send us your before and after pictures after using a weed wiper, and you and the dealer you purchased your weed wiper with will be entered into a drawing for prizes. The grand prize is a fishing trip to Oregon.  Air tickets, accommodations, and a guided fishing excursion for you and your dealer. 

Oregon is known for great salmon, sturgen, bass, trout and steelhead.  Your chances of winning this contest is much better than any state lottery and costs you nothing but a couple photos showing how you use and like your weed wiper.

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Step #1

Take a few pictures or a video of your new or existing weed wiper in your field. We also love to see before and after photos or video that show the dead weeds!

Step #2

Email or text us the photos you took and tell us the crop you are using our weed wiper in, the type of weeds you are working to eliminate, and what you used to kill them. We will be posting your photos on our social media pages, so make sure you follow our Facebook page to see your photos! 

You can text photos to Rob at 541-606-7274 or email:


Step #3

We will hold our drawing on Dec. 31 and the winners will notified via email or phone 

     2024 will be our 5th year of this contest, we have had farmers and dealers from all over the country send us pictures and videos showing their wiping results.  You could be the next one holding the fishing rod with a salmon on the other end, and your chances are far better than any state lottery.  Scroll through the photos to see some of the past winners. Congratulations to the farmers and dealers from the last four years:

Binkley & Hurst (now Agriteer in Lititz, PA. 

Fast Ag Solutions in Gilman, IL. 

Holt Ag Solutions in Tangent, OR

Fertilizer Dealer Supply in Morrice, MI 

Contact your dealer to learn more

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