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Calf Warmer Testimonies

“This Roy-L-Heat Calf warmer is wonderful. We have two on our ranch and they can save animals. I recommend putting them out in the calving pens and hooking them up to an electrical outlet. Then when a calf is in need of thermal care you can immediately go to work on him by putting the animal in the hutch. I have also found this beneficial to use for a dog box. The thermostatic controlled heater will have your dog barking praises. This is a very rugged and durable product. It comes with a thermometer on top that allows you to monitor and control the temperature inside."

D. Roche – Garland, UT

“We purchased one of these calf warmers three years ago. I researched all of the ones available and found the features of the Roy-L-Heat best met our needs. We were calving first calf heifers in the snow, ice and bitter winds of SW Virginia and were staying up all night trying to warm calves, often three or four at a time. The first night we used this warmer it paid for itself. The calves (2) were born in wind chills of 10 degrees but were warmed and hungry as quickly as we could thaw colostrum for them. The next morning the Mamas were ready to feed the hungry little fellas and we saved 9 months of time and investment.”

Rancher – Crawfish Valley, VA

“My husband has worked on a lot of ranches and has seen a lot of bad hotboxes, but now we have our own place and he is so impressed with your calf warmer. It’s perfect because it has the right amount of heat and air circulation. So many of those alleged calf warmers become too hot and wet and cause further health problems – or are completely ineffective and not hot at all. It saved a BUNCH of calves for us last winter when it was sub-zero for days on end and you had to be right there if you were going to save the calf. Even cow’s calves ended up in there. You could put a completely frozen calf you thought was a goner in there, come back a few hours later and Junior is perky and looking around for food. It delighted us every time. We love our calves, and it sure feels good to be able to help them along thanks to the Roy L Heat!

Rebecca Colnar Mott - Custer, MT

“This is the best thing since sliced bread. I calve in January and February. I've always had a heated room to get calves in, but this is a superior method. Getting the air flowing around the calves is a life saver. I used it a dozen or more times in the first week. If you calve when it's cold and wet, this is a MUST! I'd recommend it to anyone.”

Kanel Cattle Co. – Dawson, NE

"This box has saved me around $10,000 worth of calves last year.  And we have had six in it so far this year.  We don't have to haul the calf to the barn, since we can leave it in the pasture with the mother close by.  We just put it in the Ranger and use a generator for power, and it will run 6-8 hours on a tank of gas.  We would recommend this to anyone calving in cold conditions."  

Bailey Wilson – Missouri

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