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Dealer Appreciation

BBQ & Paintball Tournament


Wednesday Sept 13th


We have the best dealer network on the planet and as a way to say "Thank you" for your business and for promoting our products, this will be the 5th Dealer Appreciation BBQ and Paintball tournament.  So whether you enjoy paintball or just great BBQ please sign up for this event.  The "Famous Joe's" Tri tip will start to be served at 5 PM.  We know many of you will be coming after work on that Wednesday night so we will make sure there is plenty of food and paintball won't start until 6 PM. We only have guns for 10 teams of 8 so please don't hesitate to sign up.  The BBQ is for all who attend, even the spectators (Please sign up for the food also) Map below.  Watch the video below of last years event:

2023 Dealer Event Sign-up

To sign-up your company, please take the time to fill out the information below. Fill out the total number of those that will be eating and who will be playing in the paintball tournament. There will be 8 people per team. If your company has more or less than 8 that want to participate, please just fill out the names of all those that are playing. We will make sure they get on a team.

Paintball champs 2018.JPG

2018 Paintball Champs

Smucker Wiper Snipers

2019 Paintball Champs JTI.jpg

2019 Paintball Champs

JTI Supply Tankers

2-5 P.M.

Open House for Dealers

Come early before the BBQ and see the latest new products. Ask questions or even schedule an installation or sales training time with your team on Visionworks Cameras, Weed Wipers, or any of the Smucker products.

5:00-6:30 P.M.

Free BBQ

  • Enjoy our free Tri-tip BBQ (with various sides). The Tri tip will again be prepared from the famous Chef Joe Richard of JTI Supply.

5:45-6:00 P.M.

Paintball Orientation

  • We will be going over the tournament rules at this time. Please keep in mind that we can have no more than 80 total participants. Teams will be made up of 8 members.

6:00-8:30 P.M.

Paintball Tournament

  • The round-robin tournament will cost $28 per person. This will include your paintball gun, ammo, and protective gear. Please DO NOT bring your own paintball gun. Please let us know if you team is coming from a distance and we can make sure to schedule you for a later start.

Schedule Of Events (Wed. Sept. 13,2023)

2020 Paintball Champs ACME Road Runners.jpg

2020 Paintball Champs

ACME Road Runners


2022 Paintball Champs

PAPE C & F Bulldozers

Easy to get to location, just off I-5

Exit 209:

22919 North Coburg Rd.

Harrisburg, OR

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