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Sprayer Kits



Pull-Type Models

Front Bucket Models

3-Point Hitch Models

Model Sizes Available

*models available in 5 ft. multiples

5-120 ft.

5-60 ft.

5-15 ft.

10-40 ft.

10-20 ft.

10-30 ft.

Best Application

Fields Where Large Coverage when High Clearance is Needed. (These sponge kits will attach and plumb directly to your spray tip noznles)

Build your own boom/cost effective

Pastures, Hay fields and CRP

Uneven Ground, and when you need wheels to maintain a small tolerance of weed to crop variance

Row Crops

Row Crops

Clearance Range

*Varies by self-propelled model

*Varies by where you mount your boom

Typically as low as 2" to ATV Height. Up to 40" with lift options.


*Varies by Front Bucket Clearance Capabilities

Typically as low as 4" depending on tractor model

What's Included?

  • Sponge Kit for sprayer boom: bolt on easy attach brackets, adapters for for spray nozzles.

  • Top Crop Sponge Kit

  • Top Crop Sponge Kit

  • ATV Metal Boom

  • Top Crop Sponge Kit

  • Pull Type Boom

  • 15 Gallon Sprayer and   3 GPM Pump

  • Top Crop Sponge Kit

  • Front Bucket Boom

  • Top Crop Sponge Kit

  • 3-Point Hitch Metal Boom

  • Sprayer and 3GPM Pump

Does it come with the tank and pump neccissary to power the Weed Wiper?

Your Self-propelled sprayer should already have a tank and pump that the weed wiper will pull from.  






MSRP Price Comparison for 10 ft model

*Other sizes available







Benefits of this model

Less passes in your field and high clearance.

Flexible mounting option and cost efficient.

Great for weed patches.

For uneven ground or situations where the weeds rise barely above the crop line.  These models have wheels that hold the set clearance range.

Adjust height on the go.

Works well in row crop applications.

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