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Cost Effective Weed Control With No Drift

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The results shown are from the YouTube famous Peterson Brothers Farm. Please follow the link below to watch their complete product review.

Our History

Thirty eight years ago, grass seed growers Willard Smucker and Walter Kropf, from the Willamette Valley, decided that they wanted to develop a drift-free alternative for weed control. At the time, before GMO's, our unique to the industry sponge weed wiper design took off! Years later we remain extremely relevant in an agricultural industry that needs alternative methods for eliminating resistant weeds. We like to say that Willard and Walter were ahead of their time, because our weed wipers are perfect for organic farmers and for the resistant weed problem many are facing. Our drift-free sponge weed wiper design has been modified and developed over the years, but our original mission and foundation that Willard and Walter developed has not changed. We continue to develop quality weed control products for farmers across the world, and we are grateful for the legacy Willard and Walter left behind.  

Eliminate Resistant Weeds



38 Years Of Quality

The Problem

Right now in the Agricultural Industry, farmers are facing a problem. With the rise of resistant weeds in GMO and conventional crops, weed wiping is a great drift free solution, that directly attacks taller growing weeds without damaging your crop.  

Source: Heap, I. The International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds. Online. Internet. October 10, 2016. Available www.weedscience.com

The Solution

When it comes to weed wiping, Smucker Sponge Weed Wipers are far superior to other weed wipers in the industry. The key to weed wiping is getting enough material on the weeds. Our pump fed sponges hold and put more material on the undesired weeds. Best of all, our weed wipers are affordable and we have plenty of mounting options.


Walt Brownsberger, 

Farmer in Overland Park, KS

"Your sponges worked as promised using Gramoxone (50%). Your videos were on the money & very useful in the application process."

Jason Clavin,

Farmer near El Paso, IL

"At first I was a little Leary, but the sponges work.  At first, I used it in my soy beans...until I realized that it's great for pastures and other applications.  I had a very great experience with Smucker Manufacturing.

Tom Smedra, 

Farmer in Mason City, NE

After 24 hours of running 50% gramoxone in your weed wipers, my resistant weeds were taken care of. Thanks for a great product.

The Results

The University of Georgia recently did a study testing our sponge weed wipers against the competition. Click on the button below to see a video describing their findings. Please, do your own research, however we are confident that we offer the best weed wiper in the industry.