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Calf Warmers

Stop Hypothermia.

Dependable and Easy To Use

The Problem

Every calf or lamb dropped in the bitter cold of winter stands a chance of losing valuable body heat. To prevent the loss of those newborns' lives, and the income they represent, get one of our calf warmers.


The box is made of tough, high-density polyethylene. The interior size provides adequate space for calves to lie down and to stand up. On the opposite side of the heater, there is a rubber, "head boot" which permits the animal to breathe outside air when desired, while still holding the warm air inside at all times. The, "attic vent" allows excess moisture to escape. A 110-volt heater circulates body temperature air around the animal. The heater is protected in a separate enclosure attached to the rear of the box and easily removes to make rinsing and disinfecting simple.




Easy To Use

Pays For Itself

Affordable Price

Kanel Cattle Co.

Dawson, NE

This is the best thing since sliced bread. I calve in January and February. I've always had a heated room to get calves in, but this is a superior method. Getting the air flowing around the calves is a life saver. I used it a dozen or more times in the first week. If you calve when it's cold and wet, this is a MUST! I'd recommend it to anyone.

Bailey Wilson


This box has saved me around $10,000 worth of calves last year.  And we have had six in it so far this year.  We don't have to haul the calf to the barn, since we can leave it in the pasture with the mother close by.  We just put it in the Ranger and use a generator for power, and it will run 6-8 hours on a tank of gas.  We would recommend this to anyone calving in cold conditions." 

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