Operating Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing the Green Weeder Dauber. Please follow the directions provided carefully.  The video above has operating instructions starting at 1:00.



Smucker Manufacturing makes no guarantee of any and all chemical use through the sponge application.  The sponge applicators are made of industrial-strength, crusted sponge that remains saturated with chemical to wipe directly onto weeds.  Please read your chemical label and handle with care.

Operating Instructions

When operating the Dauber for the first time, we highly recommend that the operator runs water through their Dauber head before operating with chemical.  Find a safe place, such as pavement, to begin the process of filling your Dauber head.  


To fill, simply unscrew the red cap at the top of the Dauber and pour chemical until the stick is full.  Before screwing the cap back on, allow the dauber sponge head to fill up with solution with the help of gravity.  Re-fill your stick after your sponge is saturated, and attach the cap back to your dauber.  Each time you press the sponge on an undesired plant or weed, the dauber will automatically refill your sponge until you run out of solution. 

Maintenance Instructions

Do not store the system over the off-season with chemical in the lines. A film will form on the tubing and can plug the small feedholes. Avoid this by flushing your system thoroughly with water at the end of each use.  You may also choose to spray the sponge with water to remove chemical, which may cause the sponge to harden, after every use. After each use, be sure to store your Green Weeder sponge in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Be sure to use gloves when handling the sponge after use.


The Dauber head is replaceable and over time can wear out and be replaced.  To ensure a long life for your Dauber, follow all maintenance requirements. 

Warranty Information

This product comes with a 1 year warranty. Should there be any sort of defect or failure in that period with the unit or part(s), contact the Smucker Mfg. dealer that you purchased from for detailed information.