Notice that we have included a section on what will be included in this kit, as well as pictures of each individual part with the quantity you will receive listed on the photo.  We have also included some examples of installations onto a sprayer boom.

10 ft. Sprayer Boom Kit (WWTCKT10-SP)

  • This is our 10 ft. self-propelled kit that can easily be mounted to your existing spray boom!  Each 30" sponge section has a seperate feed tube that adapts directly to the closest TeeJet or Hypro nozzle body.  Nozzle body caps are also included to shut down any tip that is not feeding a sponge section.  The special brakets, U-bolts, and risors allow you to easily attach the sponges to your boom quickly.  The brackets also allow you to remove the sponges quickly without taking off the U-bolts. 

    Bottom can quickly convert your sprayer into a weed wiper and eliminate taller growing weeds with very little chemical. 


    Use NB38NU, included in this kit, to attach your brackets to 2" or smaller booms.

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