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Weed Wiper Auto Timer Chemical Control (RTW20-1)

Weed Wiper Auto Timer Chemical Control (RTW20-1)


Take the guess work out of controlling the flow of chemical to your sponge weed wiper. In the past, chemical control to weed wipers was metered by a manual on and off switch.  This Auto Timer Chemical Control was developed by a farmer/custom applicator in Texas.


Weed wiping is unique in that the weed infestation levels of your fields may vary. This Timer Control can be programed to cycle on and off keeping the sponges saturated and ready to deliver the maximum amount of chemical to un-desired weeds.


The RTW20-1 gives you the ability to override the timer and manualy  fill your sponges at any time.

Started by grass seed growers in Oregon, producing farm tested reliable products 

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