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This is our 15 ft. (2 Wheel Economy) pull-type weed wiper.  This unit is a duel purpouse weed wiper, it comes with Front Bucket Brackets making easy to attache to a bucket on a tractor. Our pull-type units include a tank and pump for your application convenience.  This particular unit has a 5 ft. center section and two 5 ft. wings fold back and pin in possition for trailering or travel down the road.. The sponge boom height can be adjusted from 2 to 42 inches above the ground. WIPE OUT TALLER GROWING WEEDS WITH NO DRIFT. This unit differs from our standard 15' pull type, having 2 wheel not 4. This unit has a ridged bar when diployed, it does not have the u-joint wing connections, so it does not conture to the ground like the 4 wheel model. 

Started by grass seed growers in Oregon, producing farm tested reliable products 

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